• Petrographic  Analysis of concrete
Welcome to Quick mix Beton Research & Development Center
We proudly introduce the commencement of our new concrete research & development center and quality testing laboratory on the premises of Musaffah 35 Plant. QMB is committed to the continuous improvement of products and services to achieve customer satisfaction at its highest level. It is therefore our policy to:

  • Consistently provide quality concrete and service that conform to the client requirements
  • Deliver our technical and quality services with accurate and quick test results according to international standards
  • Comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards at all time to ensure an organized quality management system which guarantee quality products and services

To obtain above targets requirements we establish a well equipped Research and development center with a wide range of concrete raw material testing and research facilities. The main deviations those are shrink in to the nut shell of R& D Center are as follows:

Quick mix research and development center offers a wide range of testing in concrete raw material to ensure the quality of our produced concrete. The laboratory division further divided into sections function under strict quality control procedure using calibrated equipments operated by well experienced section supervisor and trained technicians. All the testing shall be performed according to international standards like ASTM, BS, BS EN, AASTHO, DIN, CIRIA, ACI etc...

Hardened concrete
Hardened Concrete Testing
  • Concrete Cube Compression Test– BS
  • Compression Tests on Concrete Cylinder
  • Flexural Strength of concrete (Center Point Loading)
  • Flexural Strength of concrete (Two Point Loading)
  • Compressive Strength of Concrete Cores-ASTM
  • Compressive Strength of Concrete Cores-BS EN
  • Modulus of Elasticity of concrete

Non Destructive Testing
  • Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity of Concrete
  • Rebound Hammer Test
  • Concrete Resistivity Test
  • Crack Detection
Durability Testing
Durability Testing
  • Water Absorption of Concrete
  • Determination of ISAT
  • Water Permeability of Concrete -DIN
  • Depth of penetration of water under pressure –BS EN
  • Rapid Chloride Permeability Test
  • Chloride Migration Coeficient
  • Specific Gravity , Absorption and Voids in Hardened Concrete
  • Chemical Testing of Concrete
  • Determination of Cement Content & Water Content
Fresh Concrete
Fresh Concrete Testing
  • Concrete Slump Test
  • Temperature Checking
  • Fresh Concrete Density
  • Air Content of Fresh Concrete
  • Bleeding of Fresh Concrete
  • Time of Setting of Concrete
  • Rheology of Fresh Concrete
  • Concrete sampling , Specimen preparation & Curing of Concrete
Cement / Water / Admixtures
  • Physical Analysis of cement
  • Chemical analysis of cement
  • Physical tecsting of water
  • Chemical analysis of water
  • Admixture uniformity tests
Aggregate Testing
  • Aggregate Sieve Analysis (ASTM)
  • Particle Size Distribution of Aggregates (BS)
  • Flakiness & Elongation Index of Aggregates (BS)
  • Flat and Elongated Particles in Coarse Aggregates (ASTM)
  • Flat and Elongated Particles in Coarse Aggregates (BS EN)
  • Clay Lumps & Friable Particles in Aggregates
  • Particle Density & Water Absorption of Coarse Aggregate (BS), Wire Basket Method
  • Particle Density & Water Absorption of Coarse Aggregate (BS), Gas Jar Method
  • Particle Density & Water Absorption of Fine Aggregate (BS), Pycnometer Method
  • Specific Gravity & Absorption of Coarse Aggregates (ASTM)
  • Specific Gravity & Absorption of Fine Aggregates (ASTM)
  • Specific Gravity & Absorption (BS EN)
  • Shell Content in Coarse Aggregates (BS)
  • Soundness Test (ASTM)
  • Soundness Test (BS)
  • Sand Equivalent Test
  • Aggregate Impact Value
  • Ten Percent Fines Value
  • Aggregate Crushing Value
  • Compacted - Uncompacted Bulk Density (BS)
  • Determination of Bulk Density (Unit Weight) of Aggregates (ASTM)
  • Light Weight Particles in Aggregates
  • Aggregate Moisture Content by Drying (ASTM)
  • Aggregate Moisture Content by Drying (BS)
  • Determining the Percentage of Fractured Particles in Coarse Aggregates
  • Aggregate Clay lumps & Friable Particle
  • Acid Soluble Sulphate and Chloride of Aggregates
  • Water Soluble Sulphate and Chloride of Aggregate
Petrographic Analysis
Petrographic analysis
  • Petrograhic Analysis of concrete
  • Petrograhic Analysis of aggregate
  • Types of cement
  • Water cement ratio
  • Aggregate sizes in concrete
Affiliated Universities
Our Research and Development Center has been acknowledged and appreciated by M/s. McGill University, Canada , M/s. Al Hosn University Abu Dhabi and M/s. American University in the Emirates Duabi. Copies of the letters received from them in this regard are attached which and they are self explanatory. They commend that the state-of-the-art facilities and procedures in our R&D center meets international standards and the requirement of the Graduation, Post-Graduation and Research Students of their Organizations. This also proves our social commitment by sharing our facilities with educational institutions and thereby to the future generation.